• Weisman is knowledgeable and has a keen eye for detail. She listens to her clients and, best of all, working with her is a pleasure.

    I surround myself with objects that tell an aesthetic story and a human story. I am particularly drawn to objects that embody the Japanese philosophy of "harmony, respect, purity and tranquility". Judy Weisman understands this philosophy and has assisted me in organizing and displaying my collection in my home to respect these concepts. Although my collection is diverse – contemporary craft, fine art, folk art and memorabilia-and many pieces are far from serene, it has come together with Weisman's help to create these ideals in my living space.

    – Rebecca A.T. Stevens
    Client, Textile Curator

  • You have done a spectacular job with a place that was impossible to see before.

    It was an incredible transformation. Looking at the work I saw so many pieces I hadn’t even noticed before. . .

    Montague Dining Room

    Clemmer and David Montague’s dining room featuring custom cabinetry and the installation of their contemporary glass and ceramic collection.

    and the entire dining room/kitchen was so much more useable. Just wanted to say what a great job I thought you did.

    – Tim Tate, Artist, Co-Director of
    the Washington Glass School

  • Weisman is the complete package!

    After devising a checklist for the necessary requirements in choosing a new home for me, Judy found the perfect setting. Indeed, upon first impression I was skeptical. However, she assured me that the "footprint" was perfect for my needs. And it is! She completely renovated the interior and designed the entire space always with my personality in the forefront. My new home "looks" and "feels" like me. Judy was able to incorporate many pieces of furniture from my larger house and suggested appropriate purchases for the new space. Everything works together seamlessly. I absolutely appreciate everything she did for me to ensure that my home be a most lovely haven.

    – Dr. Fran Cogen